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Building on the results of the DC4SKI and ESKI projects, EWAS (Empowering Women in Alpine Skiing) aims to empower women in Alpine skiing. 





A major obstacle to gender equality in skiing is how coaches are trained and recruited, which encourages cooptation and perpetuation of the “boys club”. By developing trainings and offering skills development opportunities to women in the sport, we will  increase their employability.  

In a nutshell, EWAS will:

1. Research the obstacles girls and women face in Alpine skiing and elaborate policy proposals and best practices

2. Create 6 training modules (both online and in person) to train women coaches in aspects that are offend not considered by formal training.

3. Create role models and professional prospective for girls, and launch an international awareness campaign.

5. Organize public events, including a final event on women in Alpine skiing at the Cortina Olympics

EWAS is formed by an international partnership of 11 highly qualified partners (winter sports clubs, ski federations, research institutions) across the EU and the United States.

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