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Project coordinator


Dr. Federiga Bindi

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Assistant researcher

Ginevra Bonasia 

Former student-athlete in Alpine skiing.
She had  a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology.
She get certified both as a Ski Instructor and as a Ski Coach. She also made a collaboration with Alta Badia Ski Academy by coaching Italian and foreigner U16 and U18 athletes.
Now she is a ski instructor in Courc
hevel, France.


Prof. Federiga Bindi

Prof. Bindi is Jean Monnet Chair at the University of Rome, and a lecturer at the University of 
Colorado at Boulder.
Previously, at the Institute for Women’s Policy Research in Washington DC, she has led groundbreaking research on 
gender equality and women leadership that has been featured, among others, by the Washington Post. In her other life, Dr. Bindi leads Alta Badia Ski Racing which she also co-founded.
At the 
University of Rome Tor Vergata, EWAS is hosted by CEIS (Center for Economic and International Studies).


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